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Tipup Instructions

Congratulations on purchasing what we feel is the best ice fishing tip up offered to fisherman today!


Click here for our assembly video

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For your convenience this tip up comes assembled, however we have included a few tips to help you get started.

You may also visit our website for instructional video at www.boxtipups.com.

Line installation,We recommend any nylon ice fishing line for tip ups. When installing the line it is very important to wind the reel clockwise asyou face the peg side of the reel or the flag will not work the way it was designed to.

Set up,Once you have established what depth you are fishing at, you will want to set the bite as sensitive as possible.

To do this, the curved part of the flag must rest on the reel peg. In some cases you may have to slightly bend the reel bracket to

the left or right to obtain proper alignment. The reel peg should always be in the straight down position. Swivel the real forward

or back so that the flag rests on the peg when it is in the straight down position. You can adjust it so the flag is barely on the peg

for a sensitive bite or so that the reel must turn more to allow the flag to drop off the peg. The Sensitivity of the bite can be achieved two other ways as well. The first and easiest way to set bite sensitivity is the slide weight attached to the flag rod near

the flag hook. By sliding this back it is possible to take all pressure off the reel eliminating the possibility of fish feeling

resistance. You should always test it once you have set it to be sure it trips the way you want it to. Second is to slide the silver button on the left side of the reel to the click position. This is the strongest setting and should only be used if large live bait is used. Remember it is very important to always set the flag as light as your bait will allow you to without tripping the flag. The less resistance a fish feels the more likely it will be to hang on to the bait. Using a split shot to mark your depth is also recommended rather than a bobber. A bobber will create resistance while a split shot will eliminate resistance. Always use the lightest line you feel comfortable with both for your main black nylon line as well as the last 3-4 feet before the hook for a more transparent line

near the hook. Attach the two lines with a small black barrel swivel to prevent line twist. We also have had great luck with using treble hooks as small as #18 or #20 when fishing for pan fish or walleye. When retrieving a fish remember the reel swivels back into the tip up so that you have no obstructions when it is time to remove the fish from the tip up.

Heating,The Bite Me Box tip up’s shape and black color are designed to heat by sunlight if it is available.  If conditions are to cold and windy we recommend you us charcoal with a torch, this is a great way to heat

the tip up. For best results when burning charcoal keep the can swiveled all the way forward. Don't use lighter fluid or match light and always use Kingsford not the cheap charcoal. Keep charcoal stored in a zip lock bag with paper town to avoid moisture from getting on the coals.  Put 3 cold coals on the bottom and two lite ones on top. Lite them with a small self lighting torch in a metal ice scoop. When all of them have burned down pour the coals back into the ice scoop ( dry off first with torch ) then put 3 cold ones on the bottom and the small glowing chucks on top to start the process over again. 


Always make sure to remove charcoal during transportation of tip up.

Please always remove coals from the ice. 


Storage and maintenance,We recommend keeping your tip ups in a plastic sled to make it easy to set up, pickup and store. Once you have caught your limit of fish for the day wrap up is breeze. Swivel the reel all the way towards you and

wind up the line. Place the hook in the cork just above the reel and slide the silver button on the side of the reel to the click

position to stop the reel from turning. To ensure a long life for your tip up be sure to touch up any paint that may be missing.

Also keep your reel clean at all times. This can be done by pushing the small silver button on the peg side

of the reel and pulling to allow reel to separate in two pieces. Lightly oil the silver peg to ensure the reel turns as free

as possible. Remember the less the fish feels the more likely he will be to hang on to the bait.


Please send questions, comments, pictures or video of your catch for our website to www.boxtipups.com

Also remember Bite Me Box Tip ups would make a great gift for the outdoor person in your life.



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