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Tip up fishing for Perch  


  Ever use tip ups for perch? Most of you probably only use your tip ups for larger fish. (walleye, trout, northern.) . Tip up fishing for perch can be an extremely effective way to fill the freezer.

   First and foremost it is crucial that your fishing in a lake that has a decent numbers of good sized perch. Most lakes have perch in them, however a lot of them have too many which usually results in stunting. (Large numbers of small fish.) You will be chasing flags all day with nothing for the dinner table.

  Once you have established the lake has good numbers of quality perch your next step is to locate them. Most lakes will have areas that are muddy flats. Usually these are located in the middle of the lake or in small bays averaging 10-30 feet in depth. The muddy flats tend to have high numbers of red worms and small minnows. Both are a favorite for winter perch. When fishing the flats it is important to cover a large area to help locate the worm beds. This is where the minnows as well as the perch will be schooled up. By using tip ups you can cover a lot of area  in a short time. Spread your tip ups out, if one tip up is performing well, this is the area you want to target . Perch tend to move around in schools like most fish so tip up fishing a large area can produce very well. Don’t be afraid to put your tip ups 30 to 40 yards apart. The more area you cover the greater your odds of finding the fish.

   How do I rig my tip up? First, I can’t emphasize how important sensitivity is when fishing perch with tip ups. In most cases if a perch feels anything, he is probably going to either kill the minnow, or spit the hook and leave. When rigging your tip up use 50lb braided line with a 2-4 lb leader line usually about 3’ long with a #20 treble hook. #20 treble hooks are a little tough to find as well as fish with but are deadly when fishing perch. If you can’t find #20 treble hooks a small single hook works as well. Emerald shiners, rosie reds, and small fat head minnows hooked through the back dorsal fin work the best. Use a small split shot approx 1 foot above the hook to hold the minnow down. Also use a split shot for a line marker as opposed to a bobber. Perch are primarily bottom feeders so you should always be fishing anywhere from 2inches off the bottom to as much as 18 inches off the bottom. More often than not your best bet is to fish 12 inches or less off the bottom depending on water clarity.

  What style tip up is best? Remember sensitivity is extremely important. Tip downs are very sensitive however they leave you vulnerable to wind and freezing. Box style tip ups such as the Bite Me Box Tip Up offer extreme sensitivity with heat, protection from the wind, and very easy to use. Tip ups with spring style flags generally create too much resistance resulting in the fish feeling it and moving on leaving you with a dead minnow.

  Remember tip up fishing for perch is a great way to take the entire family out for a day of fishing without having to work too hard. Kids don’t care if the fish is trophy, small fish put big smiles on their faces. The action can be fast paced, the kids love to see the flags go up, and the meal at the end of the day is delicious!





             Introducing The

            Perfect TipUp


 Now with the Most sensitive tip up in the world you can effectively fish for Perch, Crappie and Walleye as well as larger fish with out wind trips. In addition to all that it is Heated,no more fighting with iced up and snow blown over holes.

 The adjustable bite sensitivity is unlike any thing else ever seen in the ice fishing industry. You are able to fish small pan fish up to huge northern without minnow or wind trips. All other tip ups in the industry today have spring type flags that add unwanted resistance to the bite. Our counter weight drop flag system takes away almost all the resistance felt when a fish bites. This means fish will not kill your bait and leave with out tripping the flag. At the end of the day it means you leave with a lot more fish.

 Quick set up and pick up will make you want to fish more with tip ups. With a cork to store the hook and a clicker to prevent the line from unwinding, you will never have to deal with tangled tip ups and hooks stuck in the line agin. An extra reel assembly makes changing from mono to steel quick and easy with just a spin of a wing nut and no more leaders tangled up in your tackle box.

 Made to last a life time and built in the USA. These tip ups are all C&C machined, glued and nailed with a heavy flag rod. Reel has very few moving parts and splits in two for annual lubrication to keep it the free wheeling so the fish feels nothing when it bites.  

 Bottom line, “More Fish Less Hassel”. Once you try the heated Bite Me Box Tip Upsyou will never be able to fish with your old tip ups again.


 Check out video’s of these great tip pups online at www.boxtipups.com


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The Bite Me Box Tip Up also makes a great gift for the holidays. Give them a try you won’t be disappointed.



Have you ever thought, there must be a better ice fishing  tip up for Walleye, Perch and Crappie that is has a more sensitive bite system. Most ice fishing tip ups on the market today have some sort of a spring activated flag assembly that quite frankly adds unwanted resistance to the line when a fish bites on a tip up. It’s not to often you see or hear of people ice fishing with or "catching “ Perch and Crappie with tip ups. These fish can be very finicky when it comes to ice fishing and it doesn't take much for one to spit the bait once it grabs it because it feels resistance. Next time your checking your minnows during ice fishing or at the end of the day when you bring your lines up, take a close look at the minnows and you may find that they are all scaled up or dead from fish grabbing them and letting them go without ever tripping the flag on the tip-up. Though the years I have ice fished with a box type tip up that had a very sensitive trip assembly and just recently this patent pending style tip up has become available to the public. This ice fishing tipup simply catches more fish due to the reel and flag trip assembly coupled with the heating system that keeps the hole from freezing up and the reel turning free. This box tip up called the “Bite Me Box Tip up” will revolutionize the ice fishing tipup industry. Its backlash and tangle resistant reel make this a one of a kind tipup on the market. It’s always been a problem trying to find a reel that turns free enough for Perch, Crappie and Walleye but will not backlash when a larger more aggressive fish such as a Northern takes the bait. The reel in the new Bit Me Box Tip Up has the answer to this problem. The other big advantage to the reel in this ice fishing tip-up is that it has adjustable positioning to allow the reel to be pushed back into the box and out of the way when fighting a fish or pulled all the way forward when reeling the line up. A cork on the reel assembly offers a place to put the hook when not in use keeping the line from getting tangled.  This ice fishing  tip up also has a round fluorescent ball with holes in it to allow for 360 degree viewing and virtually eliminates wind trips. Between the adjustable slide weight  on the flag and the adjustable position reel this tip up can be set for the most sensitive of bites. It can also be set to allow more resistance for when your ice fishing with larger bait that may trip the flag. The “ Can in a Can” heating system can be used with a candle or charcoal to keep your hole from freezing in extreme cold temps. This tip up has kept  the hole from freezing for 6 or more hours in temps of -10 degrees with 5-6 pieces of charcoal. A candle, that can be used in place of charcoal will also keep the hole from freezing in subzero temps. The black color and shape of the box allow it to absorb sun light and will keep the hole open in temps down to 15 degrees. These tip ups are definitely worth the money. It may seem like a lot to pay for a ice fishing tip-up but if you consider it will last a lifetime and that it makes your ice fishing experience easier you will find it is well worth the money. Think about how much you have spent in the past on equipment that has made your outdoor experience more successful and enjoyable such as high priced fishing poles, reels, guns, ammo, scopes and apparel. If your going to spend the time and money on bait and gas to go ice fishing why wouldn’t you want to catch more fish? If you are fishing this tip up next to your freinds with the old spring type flag tip ups, I can assure you with the correct set up you will out fish them. This ice fishing tip up would also make a great holiday gift for the outdoorsman or woman in your life. Check out this new Bite Me Box Tip Up  online at www.boxtipups.com, you will be glad you did.